Shower Glossary

Our glossary of shower terms and their definitions.

Anti-scald valve: A safety device in a shower that maintains a constant water temperature, even when the pressure fluctuates.

Apron: The front-facing panel of a bathtub that hides plumbing fixtures.

Bar mixer shower: A shower that mixes hot and cold water to reach the desired temperature.

Cartridge: A component in the shower valve which controls the flow and temperature of the water.

Diverter: A device that changes the water flow from the shower head to the bathtub faucet.

Drain: A device that allows water to leave the shower or bathtub area and enter into the wastewater system.

Ensuite: A term used to describe a bathroom that is directly connected to a bedroom.

Fixed shower head: A shower head that is fixed onto the wall or ceiling and can’t be moved.

Flow rate: The volume of water that flows out of the shower head, typically measured in gallons per minute (GPM).

Gasket: A seal, usually made of rubber or silicone, that prevents water leakage around fixtures.

Handheld shower head: A shower head that is attached to a flexible hose, allowing the user to hold and maneuver it as needed.

Jet: A device in a shower that forces water out in a high-pressure stream for a massaging effect.

Rainfall shower head: A large, flat shower head that delivers water in a way that mimics the falling of rain.

Shower arm: The pipe fitting that connects the shower head to the water supply in the wall.

Shower base/pan: The bottom surface of a shower, which collects water and directs it to the drain.

Shower caddy: An accessory that is used to hold and organize items like soap, shampoo, and razors.

Shower curtain: A curtain that hangs around the perimeter of a shower or tub to prevent water from splashing out.

Shower door: A door, usually made of glass, used to enclose a shower.

Shower valve: A device that controls the flow and temperature of water in a shower.

Spout: The fixture that water flows out of into a bathtub.

Thermostatic shower valve: A valve that automatically adjusts the temperature of the shower water, even if other water sources in the house are being used.

Tile backer board: A waterproof board that is installed behind shower tiles to prevent water damage to the walls.

Water pressure: The force at which water is delivered to the shower head, often measured in pounds per square inch (PSI).

Waterproofing membrane: A barrier applied to the walls and floor of a shower to prevent water from seeping into the structure of the building.