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The 3 Best Shower Caps That You’ll Love

Once a person decides to follow a dedicated hair care routine — the type that makes you read the ingredient list on shampoos and conditioners and treat 3-in-1 soaps as one of the seven deadly sins — one of the first purchases to add to the arsenal is a quality shower cap.

Shower caps do more than simply keep hair dry in the shower: they help with moisture, reduce hair breakage, and keep frizzing to a minimum. 

There are two main types of shower caps one can find on the market today. One type is the cheap, plastic shower caps that can be found in most hotels and perform the bare minimum. The other are the long-lasting shower caps boasting fashionable designs, optimized fabric, and “machine washability”. This review is about long-lasting and fashionable shower caps.

After doing a deep dive through numerous industry resources and combing through multiple sets of reviews, we can confidently say we have found three of the best shower caps on the market today.

Read on to learn about the specs and product information of, possibly, your new shower cap.

1. Betty Dain Fashionista

Best Budget-Friendly

  • Pros: Affordable, Machine Washable, comes in MANY designs
  • Cons: Some had problems with fit

Find the Betty Dain Fashionista Here

From the company with nearly a century of salon experience comes the Betty Dain Fashionista shower cap. 

Betty Dain has been in the beauty and salon business for over 75 years — manufacturing items such as styling capes, stylist apparel, aprons, and robes, to name a few — and their reputation of quality certainly extends to their shower cap.

According to their description, the cap is made from a vinyl alternative, PEVA, which results in a soft, waterproof design. The shower caps are oversized and fit “most” heads and hair lengths, while also boasting an elastic, leak-free hem.

Specs aside, where this product really shines is in the design choices. Currently on Amazon, there are nine different designs to choose from, each with its own distinct look that matches nearly every personality.

With nearly 20,000 reviews on Amazon — nearly 80 percent of them being five-star reviews — it is clear to see how much the customers appreciate and value this product. There are a multitude of reviews that praise the cap for its’ fit and durability, with hardly any negative sentiments.

There are a few reviews that were less than impressed with the fit and quality of their shower cap, but with a company with such history as Betty Dain, we don’t feel that was significant enough to bump the product from the top spot on our list.

If you are in the market for an affordable, quality shower cap, the Betty Dain Fashionista is a fantastic option for any hairstyle.

Find the Betty Dain Fashionista Here


Best Designs

  • Pros: Machine Washable, Fashionable, Durable
  • Cons: Tight fit for some customers, Expensive

Find the SHHHOWERCAP (Fetti) Here

Next on our list is a company that has sprung into the mainstream via success on Instagram, the stylish SHHHOWERCAP brand shower cap.

Considering the brand gained popularity on a photo-sharing app, it is easy to see that where this product really shines is with its’ available designs. A customer has the option of seven different luxury fashion-inspired designs, with new patterns coming out like clockwork. One of their brand missions is to take the shower cap and make it fashionable, turning it into something that can even compliment someone’s outfit on a night out on the town.

The cap is water and frizz-proof via their breathable nanotech, hydrophobic fabric (which, of course, means it is ‘100% waterproof’). The machine-washable cap also features a non-slip silicone grip around the edge, making sure that it “holds your cap securely in place, protects the edges of your hairline, and will never make that indent on your forehead”, according to their product description on Amazon.

Multiple reviews on Amazon claim that the shower cap is well-fitting, fashionable, and extremely durable, with one reviewer saying that she had her SHHHOWERCAP for over four years, and was just now ordering a replacement.

However, just as with all the products on this list — and shower caps in general — there were quite a few negative reviews regarding the fit. It seems like there may be some certain head/hair sizes that struggle with the fit more than others. In addition, some were saying the cap was not worth the $40+ dollar price tag. 

Despite these criticisms, this company prides itself on its’ fashionable designs and its’ waterproof and comfortable fit. If those things are most important to you as well, don’t let the price tag scare you away, the SHHOWERCAP is most definitely worth the purchase. 

Find the SHHHOWERCAP (Fetti) Here

3. Kitsch Luxury Shower Cap

Best Mid-tier Cap

  • Pros: Machine Washable, Durable, Good design choices
  • Cons: Price

Find the Kitsch Luxury Shower Cap Here (Amazon)

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Kitsch luxury shower cap.

Kitsch, a beauty/lifestyle brand that sells everything from hair clips to pillowcases to facial rollers, puts their hat in the ring so to speak with their take on the shower cap.

The shower cap features a waterproof and machine-washable fabric that is fully lined around the edges with non-slip material. This, coupled with a fashionable built-in bow on the front, ensures that hair stays dry during showers and conditioner stays in during deep conditioner treatment.

As far as designs go, currently Kitsch offers eight different, unique options on their website to make sure everyone has their personal taste met with this shower cap.

The vast majority of reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive, with the brand having over 1,500 five-star reviews on the platform. Many customers praise the designs of the product, some saying that they are not worried whatsoever about wearing it around other people — unlike other, less fashionable options. Another frequent praise is the cap’s ability to firmly stay on the head, adding to its’ waterproof claims, as well as its’ ability to keep in even the most unruly and voluminous locks of hair.

In regards to negative reviews, they are few and far between. The most frequent concern when citing a negative review was the lack of quality of the shower cap. Some complained that it fell apart easily, or that it didn’t last as long as the company claimed. Considering these were the vast minority of reviews, we chalk it up to rare product defects, and it appears as if the company was willing and helpful to make the situation right in these scenarios.

All-in-all, if you are looking for a fashionable, durable shower cap that doesn’t break the bank, the Klitsch luxury shower cap is a fantastic option.

Find the Kitsch Luxury Shower Cap Here (Amazon)

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